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short notes on Social psychology (psychology):


  • The grouping exercise seems to have impressed many ? Or is it just something which can be used simple to illustrate points ?
  • Still less pictures (one user experimented today as I see, but didn't succeed :-( - what could have been the cause ? bad help file or help file not read ?)
  • I only saw one person commenting to another participant - was the answer given in real life ?
  • Today I saw another participant answer another one [1]. Who knows the people answering each other are also familiar before ? And therefore are more motivated to read the other persons posts ?
  • I saw the first time that someone asked a question to James (I mean here in wiki, I am sure they are pestering James all the time) - why don't others do this ? Glad that someone from wiki answered back :-)
  • I think I read all what was written at the wiki so far. But didn't comment everywhere. Reasons ?


  • started today again to read some contributions. Lately didn't have the urge to read more in there, but also doing other stuff. Somehow the motivation increased again
  • seems videos activate me more :-)
  • I remember that when I first started to read the pages, I felt like I had to answer everywhere - well, better not - only the things where I want to answer
  • Wondering how much effort it must be for the staff to do all the things (reading contributions, transfering stuff to WV, ...).
  • persons using subpages: 1, 2