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/Direct Shear Test Calculations and Variables

/Unconfined Compression


/Forces on A Plane Surface

/Sedimentation Basin Calculations

Volume of mold

Dry mass of soil in mold

Specific gravity of the solids

Density of water

Void ratio of the soil in its loosest state

Void ratio of the soil in its densest state

in situ void ratio

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Legend of Variables:

coefficient of permeability for constant head test(cm/s)

coefficient of permeability for falling head test(cm/s)

total quantity of water (cm)which flowed through the sample in elapsed time t (s)

total head loss (cm)

cross-sectional area of permeameter (cm)

length of sample in permeameter (cm)


initial height of water above outflow (cm)

final height of water above outflow (cm)

coefficient of permeability at 20C

viscosity of water at a specific temperature

viscosity of water at 20C