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Astronomy is not Biology, or is it? This question is one that appears very obvious that the two are distinct, but it is still argued to this day on Wikipedia that they are the same. To say that Astronomy is not Biology, on Wikipedia, may get you blocked, or it may not.

One example is the article about Natural Theology, which is based on biology. However, some editors have merged parts of Astrotheology to claim that Astrotheology (Astronomy, Galileo) is Natural Theology (Biology). Some have even deleted sourced citations that state there is a distinction between the two. Some editors feel Astrotheology is an ancient belief that there is a divine presence demonstrated in celestial bodies, and they feel it is a part of natural theology, which is "theology based on reason and ordinary experience, explaining the gods rationally, as part of the physical world."

The deleted sources and the block is obviously an unethical way to push a view in Astronomy and Biology. It is at least unethical to assume that the teleological argument is correct due to a user being blocked, for whatever reason.

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