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For information on me in real life, I'm a 14 year old currently in my near-middle range of my studies (high school) living in the eastern region of the US. I found Wikipedia in 2010, and you can probably guess what I did in editing-terms. From blocks to locks, and a whole community ban, I finally fixed my ropes up. I stand as a current sysop on en.wikibooks and a curator on en.wikiv, and overall: a global rollback.

WV related-stuff

Some WV things I can babble about is that the scope of my editing varies. I don't edit on only one topic... I edit pages from science, history to even English (and I am not fond of English!)! I don't really have a lot of pages I'm proud of, but a page that always pops up into my mind when it comes to science-related editing accomplishments is the creation of Geosphere and the revision of Plate tectonics and the structure of the Earth's crust. Though, when it comes to History, you can count on me to be the first editor there! I love History! Too bad History doesn't have a place in the world that can bring me ranks and ranks of money... but oh well! Some history projects I am currently developing/reviewing are Portal:North American History (my own small project, U. S. Government), Human Legacy Course, and Sri Lankan History (and scattered editing across history-related resources)... I'm also really happy of Reconstruction, but the quiz, alas, hasn't been created yet. Works I like to admire are Westward Expansion, President of the United States/George Washington, Revolutionary War and U.S. states/Virginia.

I'm also an avid worker on projects related to Islam, because, if you didn't already know, I am a Muslim. I work on, for the time being, The English Quran/Using the Quran.

I also hold a bunch and bunch of accounts, and yes, I know all of their passwords.

EDIT AS OF DEC 16 2016: I edit with the 2017 source editor!


I've left an arrangement of random stuff for me to easily access if I so desire at any-given-time. - For projects/pages and latter related to the specified content

An essay I did.
User:Atcovi/To merge: Pages needing merge
Check out my Wiki Page on the Science Wiki.
Pages under "User:Atcovi"
User:Atcovi/Guidelines for a strong wiki community
User:Atcovi/Sandbox, User:Atcovi/sandbox, and User:Atcovi/Sandbox2
Three users I know of off-wiki: User:GodzGuy01, User:Alex12321, and User:Atef1975 -Atcovi (Talk - Contribs) 17:51, 20 November 2016 (UTC)


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Personal To-do

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File:Earth's inner core with iron and nickel artwork.jpg - image for Layers of the Earth

If I ever have the desire to resume a project on the Science of Association Football

There's some interesting info at:

--mikeu talk 21:44, 30 December 2015 (UTC)


Wikiversity's To-do

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  1. Have a lot of fun!!!
  2. Help answer questions at Wikiversity:Help desk
  3. Create links from Wikipedia pages to existing Wikiversity pages using this template or this template
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  5. Sort stubs.
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  8. Work on the Wikiversity:Glossary.
  9. Welcoming committee: welcome new users who haven't been welcomed yet.
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