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About me

David Sarsfield
Montreal, QC
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Basic Filmmaking (Pre-production) Course

Official student status: Digitaldave80
I am a basic filmmaking student at Wikiversity Film School beginning June 2008

Basic filmmaking student: Digitaldave80

Completed assignment - Script formatting

June 16, 2008 -- Digitaldave80 has formatted the script with Final Draft 7. You can download it at Media:Digitaldave80 Seduced By The Dark Side.pdf. Nice job. Don't forget to add the scene number.

Completed assignment - Pop Quiz
SBTDS Storyboard Shot 14.png
SBTDS Storyboard Shot 13.png

June 16, 2008 -- Digitaldave80 says,

Question #1
For the first frame, I would use Shot #14.
Because we see the characters leaving the theater, it helps establish the setting of the scene. It also allows us to see that they have just watched Star Wars (let's assume it's the only film showing). Since the characters aren't yet speaking, they're just walking, this shot helps keep us wondering what will happen next. We don't want to reveal too much in the opening shot.

Question #2
For the second shot, I would use Shot #13.
What I'd actually want to do would be to have the camera follow the characters until they stop at the Star Wars poster. It is the poster that seems to spark the curiosity of the young man, so the camera would then orbit while closing in. This now reveals the poster in the shot and identifies the reason the characters have stopped here. The camera would continue until reaching the same position as shot #13. This settles us on the young man just as he begins to speak.

Completed assignment - Creating the thumbnail storyboard

June 18, 2008 -- Digitaldave80 has created a thumbnail storyboard.

Digitaldave80 Thumbnail Storyboard frame.png

Digitaldave80 Thumbnail Storyboard.png
Click on the image to see larger version.