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This is my PLE or Personal Learning Environment. This is the space that I'll use to help me use Wikiversity to learn and create resources. It will also be useful for collecting my thoughts.

Learning topics[edit]

These topics below are topics I wish to learn more about.

  • School:Automobile maintenance - Could potentially become a very informative resource.
  • breaks Twinkle. :(
  • Make a sudoku implementation
  • Find that song by ABBA that features rap type vocals.
  • Figure out which movie I saw William H. Macy as the leader actor in. It was a drama on TV where he leaves his wife and tries to pay for sex.
  • PUA stuff, get jewelry for peacocking from Sears
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • College classes
  • Wiki editing
  • Using Inkscape to make diagrams for learning projects.
  • Typing lesson.
  • Elementary typing
  • Mercurial
  • Bazaar
  • Ubuntu
  • IRC
  • PyPy
  • RPython
  • Create software together. Create a source code repository, possibly to help learn about CVS, SVN, Mercurial, Bazaar, Git, etc... Using the sandbox server.
  • Better way to manage talk pages and discussions between people.
  • Why use a bugtracker as a feature request submission tool?
  • Priority list to organize my time, what I should focus on that will help me accomplish these goals faster.
  • Completion status boxes, perhaps form a team to go around marking projects with how complete they are. Should learn to know how to use them also.
  • Wikiversity organization idea involving the Portal and Topic namespace and their purpose. And I'm not even sure if Topic should be a necessary namespace, if Portal could just encompass all tasks that Topic has. I guess it can't. There could be a Portal:Python and a Topic:Python, where Topic:Python is more about the language itself and nothing but itself, and Portal:Python would be all topics that involve Python.


How to use a computer effectively, like, understanding what an operating system is, what a web browser is, what software is, what the internet is.

Operating Systems[edit]

  • Linux
  • Google Chrome OS



Learn wikimarkup.






This is a list of things I am going to do on Wikiversity or other Wikimedia projects.

Navigating Wikiversity[edit]

User:Devourer09/Navigating Wikiversity

Wikiversity resources[edit]


It'd be nice to have an IDE that is similar to PIDA. Possibly even create a Python port of Vim. All using Pyjamas.


  1. Create editor first. Probably something based on Vim. Perhaps even rewrite Vim in Python. It'd be cool to have a vimscript to python translator.
  2. FIXME Add other features... Probably other views, such as an updated view for editing wikipages. Should make this more specific. FIXME lol.


  • Editing wiki's. Perhaps have a viewer that updates to reflect changes in the buffer.
  • Nice to integrate a debugger.
  • Easy way to create projects and build and compile them.
  • Drag and drop GUI designer.

Physical fitness[edit]

This will be the section where I'll keep track of my physical fitness objectives and accomplishments. My main objective right now is to put on more muscle mass.

Workout regimen[edit]

  1. Upper body: triceps, lats, biceps
  2. Middle: chest, abs, side abs, back
  3. Lower body: glutes, quads, inward hip flexors, outward hip flexors, hamstrings

Nutritional diet[edit]

  • Quinoa
  • Grapenuts cereal
  • Garden rotini pasta

StarCraft II[edit]

Google Squared grid of StarCraft II units. It's not complete and quite inaccurate. If it was more accurate it would be a very handy tool.


College education[edit]


Cool WV pages[edit]