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Who I´m
Hi, my name is Gabriel Oliveira Machado (also know as Deshi).

I´m from Brazil, and born in august of 86 in the city of Porto Alegre, but I have lived in São Carlos SP since I started my undegraduate in computational Physics at USP, University of São Paulo. My english is not so good to write, but I have studied a lot to improve it.

What I Like

Music: Rock and roll, Blues, Jazz, Gaucho´s Music, Samba and so on Activities: study, play guitar, play some games, drink a lot of beer and go to the bars... Physic: Electromag,particle physic´s, fields theorys...

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In computer i like of to program some scientific programs, using softwares like: GnuPlot and SciLab. I like of Operational Systems too, in my PC i have 3 different OS: Linux Ubuntu, Linux Gentoo and WinXP(to play some games)

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ICQ: 57863667

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