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Want to learn Ti-basic programming language?

Born: July 4th, 1990 Location: Canada

I wish to contribute to wikiversity, update some of the earlier sections of Biology, (I haven't taken biology in university, but I have high school notes that I hope will help.) My issue with science and other sections of learning is, that we have made it more of a song than knowledge. The majority of the public will just learn the worlds of a song, whether german or somali (I don't know what kumba-ya means but it sure sounds good in a song), similarly they will memorize the terms of science. If we only memorize the terms, we don't understand the structure or the meaning and significance of the subject, and though the grades reflect the student's ability to regurgetate the phrases back onto a test, it doesn't reflect the true understanding in his or her mind, and it doesn't form structures in their brain, so the terms are lost and the subject has to be relearned, wasting yet another year.
A reason why I truly appreciate Wikimedia, because not only is if free knowledge, but this knowledge will be passed onto those that wish to learn, those that wish to seek.
Kid in Canada

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