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Danny Shavk[edit]

AP English Language




Abandonment Love Success
Family Oppression Suffering
Hope Race Survival
Identity Rejection

Readings, Observations, and Experiences[edit]

Whether for class or my own enjoyment, these are a collection of some of my sources for learning.


Joseph, Conrad,. Heart of Darkness An Authoritative Text, Backgrounds and Sources, Criticism (Norton Critical Editions). Boston: W. W. Norton & Company, 1987. Print.

Heart of Darkness is about an Englishman going to work deep in the congo to meet with Kurtz, a famous ivory trader, and learn from his immense experience in the ivory business.

But his soul was mad. Being alone in the wilderness, it had looked within itself and, by heavens I tell you, it had gone mad(66)."

Danny Shavk--Danny Shavk 15:04, 2 October 2009 (UTC)

Film and Television[edit]

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Nonfiction - Books[edit]

Mathabane, Mark. Kaffir boy the true story of a Black youth's coming of age in Apartheid South Africa. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1998. Print.

Kaffir boy is a book about an African American boy who goes thru life of apartheid in the country of South Africa. He suffers from racism, hunger, sickness, migration, and many beatings but survived his life by his mothers faith in education and his love for the sport tennis. He accomplishes his dream of becoming a tennis player even though everyone wanted to kill him because he played tennis with the whites but when he received a scholarship in America he got the opportunity to leave everything and live a new life under freedom.

"The remark that black people had smaller brains and were thus incapable of reading, speaking or writing English like white people had so wounded my ego that I vowed that, whatever the cost, I would master English, that I would not rest till I could read, write and speak it just like any white man, if not better. Finally, I had something to aspire to"(192).

"We whites have everything, and you guys have nothing, you know. So we have to make attempts to equalize things sometimes; otherwise, how could we deal with our consciences?"(293).

"It's an important book that we black people must have in order always, and carry with us at all times.…There was something about it which made me fearful, helpless. But I could not figure out what about it made me feel that way. It seemed a mere book. Yet it was, I was to later find out, the black man's passport to existence"(36).

Danny Shavk--Danny Shavk 17:04, 22 September 2009 (UTC)

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