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Third Age Online - Community of Practice

Getting Started

  • Who's the Community for? The TAO Community of Practice brings together people working with older adults and online communities.
  • Why join? In the Community, you'll meet and exchange with people sharing your professional interests. Together, you can discuss and solve problems and share ideas.
  • Participation: Find out how to contribute and get in touch with the community.


The people engaging in the various learning and research activities around the project TAO form our community of practice. It is made up of our multidisciplinary project team, comprising both researchers and practitioners, complemented by a series of other stakeholders. You are welcome to join us if you are interested.

Contact the TAO Community!

Find the internal pages of the Community here.

TAO partners and older adults during a TAO activity


You want to meet other practitioners in your field? Within TAO, we are organising three open workshops - in Ulm, Maastricht and Bern, in February, April and June 2013. Contact us if you want to join!

In the TAO project, we gather, generate, transfer, test and document the know-how that is relevant for our purpose. These activities have resulted in the creation of the TAO Handbook.

The learning and research activities presently under development can be found here:

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