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This research is fundamentally about the development of Wikiversity (its content, community, technology, etc.) – in the many ways in which it can be developed and shaped internally, as well as its place within the world, context, history and theory of education, and educational websites, projects, organisations and institutions.

I also intend this research to constitute the doing of my own PhD; I am in the first year of a three-year PhD programme in the University of Manchester (UK), School of Education – intending to submit my thesis in September 2009.

My idea for the methodology here is based in the practice of Action research – some details are on that page, some on the project page, and some on the project’s ”About page”.

It is my fundamental intention, my pledge, to engage in this research as a collaborative activity – in other words, I want it to be “our research”, rather than “my research” (as I suggest above). (However, there are obvious complexities about this in the context of this also being, for me, a PhD with a brick-and-mortar university – all of which I will not detail laboriously here for now, but will rather leave as an open point of discussion.)

I have been documenting some of this work, and my thoughts, on a blog: and a wiki:

As the title of the page suggests, even though this page is within my own userspace, I invite anyone to edit this page to further thinking about any aspect of this project. Comments, questions, and/or suggestions can be made here, on the talk page, and/or any other page related to this project.