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Hello I am an undergraduate at the University of Canberra studying motivation and emotion. I will be writing a chapter on Meat-eating motivation. At this moment I am using this page to test different features.

Social Contribution[edit]

  1. Contribution to Veganism motivation discussion page. 2.09.2018: Hello, In your overview you mention that "Have you ever wondered what motivates people to make this lifestyle choice which is different from what is culturally accepted?" I think this is a great question. I think it would be interesting if you briefly provided evidence of how it is not culturally accepted, for example there is some evidence that people associate eating meat with being more masculine and people associate men eating a vegetarian and vegan diet as less masculine. Here is a link to a great paper discussing the subject Perhaps there is also evidence of the stigma people following a vegan lifestyle face, anecdotally people seem to be quite intimidated when they meet a vegan. It might also be useful for your readers if you quantify what you mean by 'accepted'a lot of people have different definitions of something being accepted, sometimes ranging from it just being legal all the way to fully embracing it and not having any stigma. Great read, thanks. Con Stev 2.09.2018

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