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Week0 Activities[edit]

Write problem/project Goal[edit]

Create a light show with a lilypad ardiuno. To include LED's and EL wire.

My First Task[edit]

Figure out how to get EL wire working with Lilypad

Week1 Activities[edit]

Summary of actual work over first weekend[edit]

I've changed my apporach on the project. This time I want to use the EL Sequencer instead of using the Lilypad Arduino. This is because the EL sequencer makes it easier for Several EL wire to be used and it is programmed the same way as a lilypad arduino.

Week1 Narrative[edit]

I research the EL sequencer arduino and found several tuturial sites. I also found that sparkfun website will sell everything I need. My goal is to show this information in a presentation to the professor so he can purchase what I need to complete my project. Here are the sites I will />

Getting started with your sparkfun EL Sequencer
Programming EL wire with lilypad

EL Wire Tutorial

Eventually I want to get the Lilypad project in sync with the EL wire Project

ELwire Project.jpg

My Second Task[edit]

Hopefully the Materials arrive this week. So I can start working on the project. If not I will Continue learning scripting for the new arduino.

Week2 Activities[edit]

Summary of actual work over second weekend[edit]

Week2 Narrative[edit]

My Third task[edit]

Week3 Activities[edit]

Summary of actual work over third weekend[edit]

The material Finally came in. I started moving the project forward. Along with the materials arriving I also researched more. Tested the 12V inverter and new EL Wire. Below i will provide pictures of the testing and a video. Also started to create a code.

Week3 Narrative[edit]

The Equipment arrived and I started working on it. Came to some problems I learned as I went through that you can not just place the USB FDTI connector on the EL Sequencer in any way. You must match the the connectors. If not you will not be able to upload code. I found several example codes that worked great. Now I must Create my own code. Here is part of the:
EL Code

Here is a Video of my success:
EL Wire Project

Here some Pictures of my progress:

I found great tutorial videos (How to solder EL Wire) on how to splice EL wire and connect a wire to the end of it in order to connect it to the Spark Fun EL Sequencer.
The necessary equipment needed for this would consist of:
EL Wire
Copper Tape
Razor or Lighter
Solder wire and solder
Helping hand tool (gator clips)
Heat shrink
Wire strippers/Cutters

Spark Fun sells all the necessary equipment except Hardware such as tools for the job. Tools can be found at your local hardware store. I will list a couple of links that leads to each materials needed for this project:

EL Sequencer
JST 2 connector red and black wire

The following links explains How to use EL Wire, What is EL Wire, and an tutorial from Spark Fun on EL Wire Projects.

My Fourth task[edit]

On my fourth week I will Try to come up with a code that will work great. i will also try to Get the battery working so the EL sequencer can run off the battery and not the USB. I will also ask the professor to buy a 3.3v inverter from spark fun so we can make this process mobile.

Week4 Activities[edit]

Summary of actual work over fourth weekend[edit]

How is what you did different than what you planned?

Week4 Narrative[edit]

Tell a detailed story describing what you did for your team over the weekend.

Complete Team Page[edit]

Fill out the Team Form (should have already copied the form, created the team page, linked to it and started filling it out).