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My views regarding User:Moulton and his Ethical Management of the English Language Wikipedia project:[edit]

I've chosen to participate in this community in response to this user and his "project." I've been a regular contributor in good standing to Wikipedia for over a year, and it's there that I first run into Moulton. He was banned twice, once for disruption, next for intentionally outing one of those he opposed in the discussion leading up to his first ban when he was unblocked to "clean up his user page and get a SUL". He has outed me and other Wikipedians who participated in the discussions around his banning at his blog and urged others at WikipediaReview to reveal the real names and places of employment of 3 Wikipedia admins and 2 editors. One of those revealed then had his job threatened by an anonymous email to his employer. On his blog, "MoultonLava," Moulton has accused me of being FeloniousMonk at Wikipedia, which I'm not, and posted my employer's name and IP address. So if you've come here wondering why I'm deleting links to WikipediaReview or Moulton's blog, that's why.

Moulton aside, Wikiversity is not the place to try to change or influence another Wikimedia project. I do not think it's appropriate to use Wikiversity as a forum for creating changes in how Wikipedia is managed. The Wikipedia community manages its own community. Would it be appropriate to use Wikipedia as a forum for creating changes in how Wikiversity is managed?

The primary problem for this community is that one of the founders of this project is banned from Wikipedia and is misusing it to harass those at Wikipedia he opposed. He is supported by several from WikipediaReview, home to many banned Wikipedians with scores to settle, and an Wikipedian who has a long history of opposing one of Moulton's targets. I feel Wikiversity shouldn't be the next stop after getting 86'd from other Wikimedia projects for those who want spread drama and disruption. This project can only be improved by preventing the participation of those who are banned from Wikipedia from discussing Wikipedia and who have past personal conflicts with those they are writing about. If you are interested in who I am referring to, I'd be happy to discuss by email, you see, I'm giving them the respect they fail to give those they target. The founders of this project have serious behavioral issues at Wikipedia, one is banned, the other has a long history as a malcontent and enabler of troublemakers, and they skipped from project to project to found this project. Centaur of attention 00:44, 16 August 2008 (UTC)