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I am a Masters Degree Student (Literature), with a B.A. in Humanities and World Religions, currently researching theories;

Signifying and Double Consciousness (Baldwin, Larsen, Packer & Bambara) within;
1.) African American Literature, specifically 1930's to present.

Political Theory and Religious Philosophy in;
2.) Early Americana Walt Whitman poetry verses the Transendentalist Amos Bronson and his daughter Louisa May Alcott (Little Women).

Political and Cold War interpertation Theory in;

3.) Modern Pulp Fiction in the Short Story collection of T.C. Boyle, "Greasy Lake."

File:Colored icon.jpgFuture plans:

Would like to form a reading/discussion group for anyone interested in the genre of fiction. Specifically modern or comic book form (pulp), Boyle's, Road to Wellville and Greasy Lake or if interested, included readings/discussions of historical problems addressed by modern African American Women in Literature (fiction). May include Americana if others are drawn in this subject. *Note: Reading/Discussion group not designed to address the techniques for individuals on "how to write" a fictional piece, but will include; traditional structure of the short story as well as a modern approach to story telling, and poetry. The diverse style from ryhming schemes to free verse as exemplified by Walt Whitman.

File:Colored icon.jpgExpectations:

None as yet, but am hopeful :)
If interested please do not hesitate to email me regarding your thoughts on a reading/discussion group, please also include your interests!

Many Thanks to Wiki users, Countrymike, Carmiggo & Mileu for guiding me around the site.


Female African American Authors

[1] Nella Larsen-(Novelist)-"Quicksand"
[2] ZZ Packer-(Short Story Collection, "Drinking Coffee Elsewhere")-"Brownies"

Toni Cade Bambara-(Short Story)-"The Lesson"

American Classics

*in progress

Amos Bronson (Transcendentalist)
Walt Whitman (Poetry)

Louisa May Alcott (Short Story Fiction & Transcendentalist)

American Modernist Authors

*in progress

T.C. Boyle (Pulp Fiction)