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I got to meet Murray Bookchin in St Louis in 1977.

The eloquent sentence[edit]

From Bookchin:

"At best, these crudities merely echo in very unfinished form a corpus of views that were once presented in a richer context and tradition of ideas. At worst, they shatter such contexts and traditions, picking out tasty pieces that become utterly distorted when they reappear in an utterly alien framework."

The run-on sentence[edit]

From Bookchin:

Even if one grants the need for a new sensibility and outlook---a point that has been made repeatedly in the literature of social ecology---one can look behind even this limited context of deep ecology to a still broader context: the love affair of deep ecology with Malthusian doctrines, a spirituality that emphasizes self-effacement, a flirtation with a supernaturalism that stands in flat contradiction to the refreshing naturalism that ecology has introduced into social theory; eruptions of a crude positivism in the spirit of Naess that works against a truly organic dialectic so needed to understand development, not merely bumper-sticker slogans; and a regular tendency to become unfocused, replacing ideas with moods, when Devall, for example, encounters a macho mountain man like Foreman.

Did you mean Murray Bookchin?


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