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This year, we're going to actually get it done! We've already got a foothold to the 'next level' in the Folded Revolution that began to unfold in 1968.

Long History[edit]

Think of long history like a scroll rolled up on two spindles. This is the idea for Portal:Time. One spindle is the {{record}} and the other is the {{project}} and the exposed part is the {{queue}}.


The past
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The present

The time on the server as this page was accessed was: 1571148893 Seconds since January 1 1970 00:00:00 GMT (UTC).

  • Hour:14 since Midnight
    • Minute:14 since the top of the hour
      • Second:53 the second of the minute

Today's date: Tuesday - 15 October 2019

  • Year:2019
    • Month:10
      • Day:15
    • Week:42
      • Day:2
    • Day:287
The future


For SYZYGY17 from WHAT IS a Syzygy:

Linear algebra over rings is lots more fun than over fields. The main reason is that most modules over a ring do not have bases

—that is, their generators usually satisfy some nontrivial relations or “syzygies”. [1]
  1. Wiegand, Roger 2006/April NOTICES OF THE AMS 457