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Well I am the Co Founder of ooh Aah scribblewiki which is a site which started off as a college project ages ago but didnt go anywhere and I created another one called Humanbeings where you can talk about anything that you want and create anything that you want.

My aim on Wikiversity is to become a Custodian and by that I mean reverting Vandalism and watching the new pages and also creating pages and deleting articles which are nonsense. I hope to become a Bureucrat sometime on Wikiversity but that is not for a while.

I am Currently studying Business Law at college and hope to become a Business Lawyer sometime in the future.

The websites below are in development and I am looking to recruit users to help with the creation of the site. Eventually I want it to look like the Wiki foundation and operate just like it except not be so big. and the Somerset version of the scribblewiki is and on these you can create accounts and pages with what ever you want on them so if you want to create a page with I hate university without it being deleted then you can. Go on them and sign up and you will become an admin to help with the creation of the site.