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I live here.

Ko te manu kai i te Miro nōna te ngāhere, Ko te manu kai i te mātauranga nōna te ao.

(The bird who eats of the Miro tree owns the forest, the bird who eats of the Tree of Knowledge owns the world.)

Maori whakatauki (proverb)

My real name is Brent Simpson... Countrymike is... well it's a long story which may have to be told some other time. I used to be a somewhat active custodian here at Wikiversity, and was involved in WikiEducator project where I was a member of the Advisory Board. My user page over there has a bit about me as well. If you need to get in touch with me regarding Wikiversity please leave a note on my Talk page.

I am quite firmly an inclusionist on Wikiversity and I am in the Eventualism camp.

Wiki Projects[edit]

That i'm interested in or have participated in in the past.



Currently Reading[edit]

Personal Learning Spaces[edit]

Open PhD - an open working space for a PhD proposal.

Masters Thesis - MA completed in Dec 09 w/ degree awarded in 2010. Title of thesis: Community Radio on Waiheke Island

The Political Economy of Information - 2009 postgraduate class at the University of Auckland with Joe Atkinson

Notes on Reading groups

To Do[edit]


  • Look at Wikiversity Templates on Wikibooks


  • Interwiki links from Wikieducator to Wikiversity
  • explore reciprocation of the above
  • Expand Wikiversity page on WikiEd

Reading Groups

Google is where frustrated people end up looking for information when wikipedia doesn't have an article on it. Quote by User:Yeoman on IRC.

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