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The following is a discovery of Brad Watson, Miami after many years of research on physics' Theory of Everything. Note: There is no numerology here...

GOD=7_4, whereas, G is the 7th letter, a circle O is either the 15th letter or zero or ---, and D4. GOD=7_4 is a mathematical model (program/algorithm/initial condition/law of physics/thee universal constant/code) that produces combinations of 7 & 4: 7+4, 7-4, 7x4, 7/4, 74, 47, 7.4, 4.7, 704 (GOD), 407, 7004 (GOOD), 7 40, a group of 4 7s, 77 77, 7 4s, etc.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was GOD." - John 1:1

The term 'GOD' is no coincidence: There Are No Coincidences - there is synchronism, interconnectedness, nonlocality, retrocausality, subconscious telepathy, design-and-alignment, signs from GOD, and consequences.

In English, the spoken word is linked to the written word which is based on its alphabet which is basically phonetic, pictographic, and has a numerical order connected to the Bible, Nature, and science. A=1, B2...Z26. Everything is interconnected and is a result of the laws of Nature.

The ancients observed 7 moving objects in the heavens known as the Sacred 7 Luminaires or what we now call the 7 Classical Planets or 7 Naked-eye Planets: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. 4 of these can't easily be seen during the daytime (Venus can be)/4 don't cast shadows on Earth (Venus can)/4 are rocky objects.

The moon's 4 phases are roughly 7 days (~7.4 days) each, hence our 7-day week & 4 weeks in a 'moonth'. The eight lunar phases include 7 that reflect sunlight (the New Moon/First Quarter is dark) and the 4th of these is the Full Moon. Starting with the Second Quarter Moon, there are 7 lit phases and 4 later is its mirror image the Last Quarter and vice-versa. Lunar year + 7 day week + 4 days = 365 day solar year.

The 7 Great Patterns of Nature are the day, lunar month, lunar year, solar year, solstices, equinoxes, and 4 seasons.

The Big Dipper has 7 stars with 4 making up the quadrilateral bowl of the ladle and its 4th star in the middle is its brightest. The Big Dipper points to the North Star - Polaris - which is at the tip of the handle of the Little Dipper which is also 7 stars with 4 comprising the cup of the ladle. Orion is 7 stars with 4 making up his shoulders and feet + Orion's Belt. Mars returns to the same point against the background of the stars and in relationship to the Sun and Earth every 47 years.

Earth has 7 continents: 4 don't touch the equator/there are 4 large land masses surrounded by water. 4 seasons. The ancients' 7 Seas & 4 oceans (some now list 7 oceans). ~74% of Earth's surface is liquid or frozen water (~71% oceans & seas + freshwater lakes, rivers, swamps, ice caps, glaciers, year-round snow cover, etc.)

Besides Earth, this solar system has 7 planets* and the 4th from the Sun is the LARGEST: Jupiter. Out of these 7 planets, 4 are non-rocky gas or ice giants. Venus .7 AU & Mercury .4 AU (aphelion .47 AU). Venus' orbit is 224.7 Earth days which equals 7.4 average months (30.4 days each). Saturn has 4 'seasons' of 7 years (~7.4 years) each. The Sun's radius is .0047 AU.

47-degree solar elevation angle difference above the horizon and the sunrise/sunset solar azimuth angle from summer to winter on the equator is 47-degrees.

Totality of a solar eclipse can last no longer than 7 minutes 40 seconds.

~74% of the human brain, heart, muscles, newborns, chicken eggs and some living trees are water. Human pregnancies are 40 weeks from the egg forming: 7x40 days.

~74% of the elemental mass of this Universe, our Sun's mass and Jupiter's atmosphere is hydrogen.

~74% of everything in this Universe is not dark matter ~26%: (~69% dark energy + ~5% ordinary matter).

  • Possibly there is a "9th Planet" on the very outer edge of our solar system, but it hasn't been confirmed.

M-theory & supergravity theory: 7D hyperspace + 4 common dimensions = 11D spacetime

Unified Strings 21 or 19 Dimensions & Aspects of Spacetime - Physics' Theory of Everything (Superstring & M-theory + time analysis providing a very simple symmetry breaking): 7 dimensions of hyperspace + 3D regular space + 7 aspects regular time + 4a hypertime = 21 D&a spacetime

7 aspects of regular time: (1) beginning, (2) end, (3) past, (4) present, (5) future, (6) void, (7) a constant - speed-of-light in a vacuum.

4 aspects of hypertime: (1) fast-forward, (2) reverse, (3) pause/stop-time, (4) before beginning and after end of this Universe. (Note: This is similar to operating a video.)

(Imaginary time is the 12th aspect of time, but it's not used in Unified Strings 21 or 19 Theory.)

Tropical storms became hurricanes/typhoons when they reach 74 miles per hour sustained winds.

"As Above, So Below." - precept of ancient sacred geometry

"On Earth as it is in the heavens." - Jesus' The Lord's Prayer

"When an idea(19) is connect(74)ed to Nature, it's logical and was inevitable."

The ancients knew that the combination of 7 & 4 seen in the design of the heavens was sacred and imitated it in their earthly designs. The Sumerians were apparently the first to keep astronomical written records. They tracked the 4 seasons and their first zodiac was divided into 4 sections. The Mesopotamians built their ziggurats - observatories/temples, e.g. Tower of Babel (Babylon) - to be 7 levels (six stories with a rooftop observatory) with 4 sides/4 corners. The information they gathered was sacred because it allowed them to make predictions about the future.

The ancient Egyptians were also astrologers/astronomers. They and the Sumerians took the common cubits of 6 palms x 4 fingers = 24 digits and added a palm to create the sacred royal cubits of 7 palms x 4 fingers = 28 digits. All the Sumerian and Egyptian sacred buildings including the first Step Pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser at Saqqara were designed by their architects using royal cubits and the sacred combination of 7 & 4 as their foundation. The Step Pyramid has 7 levels (six stories) and 4 visible sides/4 corners. The Osiris(74) Story is perhaps religion's oldest and there were 74 who opposed him.


The ancient Hebrews were aware of the sacred combination of 7 & 4 and encoded it in many ways including their use of common and sacred cubits. Whoever first told their Creation Story (Moses the 'Prince of Egypt'?) aligned Bereshit 1:1/Genasis 1:1 having 7 Hebrew words and 28 (7x4) letters. "And God said, 'Let there be lights in the heavens to divide the day from the night: and they shall serve also as signs and for festive seasons, and for cycles of days and years (and omens of eclipses)'...the 4th day (of 7)." - Genasis 1:14-19. Genasis 7:4 introduces the recurring theme of the sacred #40, "For in 7 days, it will rain for 40 days and 40 nights." Besides Noah, there were 7 people on the Ark in the Story and 4 were the wives.

Noah's Ark & the Courtyard of the Ark of the Covenant were fifty cubits or 74 feet wide if one cubit = 17.76 inches. 7/4/1776 was a Masonic(7,74) Code(4).

Joseph interpreted Pharaoh's dream of 7 fat cows & 7 meager cows, 7 fat ears of grain & 7 meager ears of grain. - Genasis Ch 41.

Jacob/Yakov/Israel and his family of 74 when they entered Egypt.

Moses aligned the 4th Commandment: "Keep the 7th day holy." "Moses, Aaron, his two sons and 70 elders" went atop Mt. Sinai: 74 altogether. 7 times Moses did the #40.

David(40=D4+A1+V22+I9+D4) had 7 brothers and 4 remained at home with their father Jessie while three were in King Saul's Army.

"Selah" is found 74x in the Bible: 71 in Psalms and 3 in Habakkuk.

King(4) Solomon(7) began building the Temple in the 4th year of his reign and it took 7 years to complete.

energy=74=E5+N14+E5+R18+G7+Y25 cubits=74=C3+U21+B2+I9+T20+S19 Masonic=74=M13+A1+S19+O15+N14+I9+C3

GOD=GOOD=G-d=7_4 (Observant Jews write God as G-d and Lord as L-rd.)

Jesus was born on the Sabbath (Saturday) April 17, 6 BC / 17.4.748 AUC / 29 Nisan 3755 HC[1] and was crucified on Friday April 7, 30 AD / 7.4.783 AUC / 14 Nisan 3790 HC.

The Revelation's "7 Seals" are opened, yet only "4 Horsemen" are unleashed.

There were 74 male and 28 (7x4) female passengers on the Mayflower.

General George Washington in just his second General Orders on 7/4/1775 declared, "The United Provinces of North America". Washington eventually had 74 generals in the Continental Army (33 were Freemasons). 7/4/1776 marked the signing of the Declaration of Independence by only John(4,47) Hancock(7,40) and attested by Charles Thomson(74). 7/4/1776 also marked the establishment of the Committee to design the Great Seal of the United States. The Constitution's 7 Articles were written on 4 pages. Federal(7) Hall(4) in New York(7) City(4) at 74 degrees West longitude became the first Capitol. Federal(7) City(4) was designed as a hundred(74) square miles and featured Capitol(7) Hill(4) (formerly Jenkins[7] Hill[4]).

Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74=G7+E5+M13+A1+T20+R18+I9+A1) using 'the key'(74) of A=1, B2, C3...Z26 produces...

GOD=7_4 religion=74=R18+E5+L12+I9+G7+I9+O+N14 Osiris=74=O+S19+I9+R18+I9+S19 Jewish=74=J10+E5+W23+I9+S19+H8 Jesus=74=J10+E5+S19+U21+S19 Muhammad=74=M13+U21+H8+A1+M13+M13+A1+D4


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