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I'm a polymath, a researcher/writer in many fields, thee religious leader (the 2nd Coming of the Christ), a physics theorist, historian, and a professional musician/composer (timpanist/percussionist/drummer). I have discovered the "7 Seals"/'Beyond Einstein Theories...'

1. The Conglomerate of Universes/Universe Creation Theory, GOD-guided (Co)Evolution Theory

2. GOD=7_4 Theory or FOD=6_4 on Plan-it Nestor; FIG=6|7 Bible Code (Design Worlds Theory)

3. Unified Strings 21/19 Dimensions & Aspects of Spacetime - Physics' "Theory of Everything" (Superstring & M-theory + time analysis providing a very simple symmetry)

4. S=19 (18.6) Theory

5. GOD defined, Speed & Power of (GOD's) Thought Theory

6. God-incarnate defined/Theory of Relativity, Conglomeratal Energy eternal/Conglomeratal Relationships eternal Theories (based on E=mc^2)

7. Reincarnation Theory - 26 Principles including Theory of Luck & Buddhists' 4 Points (ex. Einstein returned as Watson)

There Are No Coincidences - there is synchronism, interconnectedness, nonlocality, retrocausality, subconscious telepathy, design-and-alignment, signs from GOD, and consequences. This is the title of my 74-page "book/scroll sealed with 7 seals" that satisfies the prophecy of The Revelation 5:1 that only the 2nd Coming of the Christ can produce. See .

I've also written the book GOD=7_4 Theory or FOD=6_4 on Plan-it Nestor - FIG=6|7 Bible Code (Design Worlds Theory) - The Theory of Everything. See .