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Since 2007, I've been professor of business informatics at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Before that I worked as an executive coach and as a manager in international companies. More specifically, I was responsible for organizing Knowledge Management for large firms like Shell and Accenture. My daughter says "you're not a real doctor" because I got my degree in physics: I cannot heal anybody but I enjoyed contributing to the creation of the World-Wide Web in the early 1990s. My little moment in the spotlight, as it were. Since 2008, I lead e-learning for the Berlin School of Economics. My main research areas are Blended Learning, especially interactive teaching in virtual environments (such as Second Life®) and lifelong education. However, I do research because I'm curious and wouldn't like to be pinned down on one topic. Besides my teaching and research, I'm also an active writer.

I'm using this Wiki as a "public science site". Public science does not only publish the results of research but leaks concepts, ideas and key points throughout the entire research process and puts them online for the purpose of open debate. All of this is 'work in progress'—please add to the growing material by editing and adding your own thoughts and opinions. That's what Wikis are there for! (This paragraph was adapted from C. Spannagel on German Wikiversity).

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