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I am Biorobot my signature: Eugene Xozayenko

All non-official authorships `intercity subway` from 19970113~1130 airless chord tunnels up to 300 km by hermetic, fixing frost winter, stratosphere mountains; on cushion sliding, magnetic; super -fluidity, -current conductivity it is `know how` cannon Jules Verne, method opening interior solar planets; from 19970414~1930 distribution property for big scale and hi-tech enterprises by professional pyramids for good job.
Give half kin 5 generations; and half non-antagonistic kith (lifelong) same quantity. Decisions majority getting from income to individual proprietorships, with permits (forbids) me (heir) or elective (let without 5) in every group, if they not any ex-USSR citizens!

Local accounts Eugene Xozayenko[edit]