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Presentation Info[edit]


Open Educational Resources and Wikiversity - From Scientific Results to tailored Educational Support


  • Anja Knaebel
  • Martin Alt
  • Bert Niehhaus


  • 2018/01/10 University Koblenz Landau


Open Educational Resource transfer the concept of Open Source development to educational content. Based on the requirement, that educational content must be adapted to the knowledge and constraints of the learners, the basic principles of OER management will discussed with the example of Wikiversity. In line with digital transformation of our environment in general higher education institutions around the world have been using the Internet and other digital technologies to develop and distribute teaching and learning in the past decades. Basic use-cases including Wikiversity to Online-Presentations are presented in the talk and the relevance of accessing learning resources and support for Real World Labs.

Open Educational Resources (OER) will be considered in conjunction with scientific publication and the opportunity create a direct transformation of new results into learning resources. Finally some conclusion will be drawn according to regionalized application for risk mitigation strategies their potential and promise to obviate demographic, economic, and geographic educational boundaries for the implementation of these strategies.