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Engelbert Niehaus is full Professor for Mathematics and Mathematics Education at the University Koblenz-Landau and is head of the Computer Science Centre in Landau (Germany). Supports

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Audio in Wiki Articles[edit]

Alabama (About this sound pronunciation ) is a state located in...
'''Alabama''' ({{Audio|en-us-Alabama.ogg|pronunciation}}) is a state located in...
  • (Audio Player) import audio file just like an image as media file. Now embedded audio file will be displayed with an audio player in the right column.
Accordion Audio Sample with Chords
[[File:Accordion chords-01.ogg|thumb|Accordion Audio Sample with Chords]]
  • (Slide Audio Comments) Audio comments can be used as slide comments to generate PanDoc-Presentations with audio comments for a single slide. Parsing of Wiki source text must be adapted (see also wtf_wikipedia.js repository of Spencer Kelly.
  • (Wiki2Reveal Audio Demo) The Wiki2Reveal-Audio demo is a test page which includes audio comments in the slides

Wiki Redirect[edit]

#REDIRECT [[3D Modelling]]

Wiki Translations of Pages[edit]

  • Interlanguage Links: To add a new interlanguage link to a learning resource visible in the language menu on the right, add the following code at the end e.g. of the Wikiversity page Water:

After saving the article in Wikiversity an interlanguage link will be shown on the left in the menu to the translation. Vice versa add the following interlanguage link to the german article about water "Wasser"


Tools, that are created for Wikiversity support of learning resources are created as privacy friendly AppLSAC software, that runs online and offline in a modern browser.

Shell Commands[edit]

WEBM Video - final size 22MB

Convert a mp4-Video with audio into a webm that can:

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vcodec vp9 -acodec libopus output.webm

or without conversion of audio stream

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vcodec vp9 output.webm

Code Compression example for PanDocElectron

  • Recorded Screencast with OBS in mov-Format (size 198MB)
  • Converted MOV into MPEG4 with HandBrake (size 25MB)
  • Converted MPEG4 into WEBM format with ffmpeg (size 21MB)

File size matters to reduce network traffic costs for the WikiFoundation. Encourage students to minimize Video for learning resources in seminars even if transcoding with ffmpeg takes very long.

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Used Tools[edit]

  • Special:Import - fork wikipdia resources and create a learning resources.
    • This avoids typsetting of mathematical formulas over and over again.
    • the previous history of the imported document will be accessible.
    • Remark: Import is not possible for all users. The community must decide how and if forking of Open Educational Resources should or will be supported in general. The primary driver for forking is the provision of tailored educational resources for the requirements and constraints of the target group of learners or institutional requirements that determine the adaption of learning resources.


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