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Simple Exercise[edit]

What is x2+2x+1 if x=1?

Sample Quiz[edit]


What is Symmetric matrix

A matrix whose transpose matrix is same as the original matrix.
A matrix whose diagonal elements are non zero and other elements are zero
A zero matrix
None of those


The determinant of transpose of is



Next, we have Ux = y
X =
Use backward substitution we have:

Final Project[edit]

1)Solve differential equation y' = 3t2y in [0,1] using Euler's method with n=10,y(0)=1.

2)Solve differential equation y' = 2ty in [0,1] using RK2 method yn+1=yn+h/4(k1+3K2) where k1=f(tn,yn),k2=f(tn+2/3h,yn+2/3hk1)with n=5,y(0)=1.

3)Solve differential equation y' = 2ty in [0,1] using Two step Adams Bashforth method with n=5,y(0)=1.

Final Project for User Bchethan[edit]


My final project is about adding exercises for different ODE methods to Wikiversity page.I have added exercises for Euler method,Multistep method and Runge Kutta method.

Initial Experience[edit]

Prior to the final project I worked on small project as part of my homework.That was adding material to wikipidea page on Taylor's Approximation.I have gone through many books and decided to add few points to the existing information.I was corrected by Dr.Mohlenkamp on few of issues , after that I have modified the changes accordingly.After that I have realized that the changes were not required.So i have done more work for my final project and made sure that I won't repeat previous mistakes.

Main Project[edit]


I found useful material on Wikipedia related to ODE methods but there were no solutions for examples.So I thought it will be useful to put some exercises and solution of it completely.I have gone through books and with the inspiration of it wrote few problems which are very easy but gives clear idea of method and solved it step by step.


I have added Wikipedia pages on ODE methods to Numerical Analysis Wikiversity page and after that created exercise for Euler Method, Multistep Method and Runge Kutta method.If the user is not able to get solution they can refer solution which covered each step in detail.I have also created quiz which covers error order of ODE methods and stability of ODE methods.


Guide to Numerical Analysis by Peter R. Turner