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                        ✧ ̓Ονείρου ✧
                                      θυμίαμα αρώματα.
Κικλήσκω σε, μάκαρ, τανυσίπτερε, οὖλε ̓́Ονειρε,
ἄγγελε μελλόντων, θνητοῖς χρησμωιδὲ μέγιστε :
ἡσυχίαι γὰρ ὕπνου γλυκεροῦ σιγηλὸς ἐπελθών,
προ[ς]φωνῶν ψυχαῖς θνητῶν νόον αὐτὸς ἐγείρεις,
καὶ γνώμας μακάρων αὐτὸς καθ’ ὕπνους ὑποπέμπεις,
σιγῶν σιγώσαις ψυχαῖς μέλλοντα προφαίνων,
οἷσιν ἐπ’ εὐσεβίηισι θεῶν νόος ἐσθλὸς ὁδεύει,
ὡς ἂν ἀεὶ τὸ καλὸν μέλλον, γνώμηισι προληφθέν,
τερπωλαῖς ὑπάγηι ίον ἀνθρώπων προχαρέντων,
τῶν δὲ κακῶν ἀνάπαυλαν, ὅπως θεὸς αὐτὸς ἐνίσπηι
εὐχωλαῖς θυσίαις τε χόλον λύσαντες ἀνάκτων.
εὐσεβέσιν γὰρ ἀεὶ τὸ τέλος γλυκερώτερόν ἐστι,
τοῖς δὲ κακοῖς οὐδὲν φαίνει μέλλουσαν ἀνάγκην
ὄψις ὀνειρήεσσα, κακῶν ἐξάγγελος ἔργων,
ὄφρα μὴ εὕρωνται λύσιν ἄλγεος ἐρχομένοιο.
ἀλλά, μάκαρ, λίτομαί σε θεῶν μηνύματα φράζειν,
ὡς ἂν ἀεὶ γνώμαις ὀρθαῖς κατὰ πάντα πελάζηις
μηδὲν ἐπ’ ἀλλοκότοισι κακῶν σημεῖα προφαίνων.


THEE I invoke, blest pow'r of dreams divine,
Angel of future fates, swift wings are thine:
Great source of oracles to human kind,
When stealing soft, and whisp'ring to the mind,
Thro' sleep's sweet silence and the gloom of night, 5
Thy pow'r awakes th' intellectual fight;
To silent souls the will of heav'n relates,
And silently reveals their future fates.
For ever friendly to the upright mind
Sacred and pure, to holy rites inclin'd; 10

p. 224

For these with pleasing hope thy dreams inspire,
Bliss to anticipate, which all desire.
Thy visions manifest of fate disclose,
What methods best may mitigate our woes;
Reveal what rites the Gods immortal please, 15
And what the means their anger to appease:
For ever tranquil is the good man's end,
Whose life, thy dreams admonish and defend.
But from the wicked turn'd averse to bless,
Thy form unseen, the angel of distress; 20
No means to cheek approaching ill they find,
Pensive with fears, and to the future blind.
Come, blessed pow'r, the signatures reveal
Which heav'n's decrees mysteriously conceal,
Signs only present to the worthy mind, 25
Nor omens ill disclose of monst'rous kind.



By the Grace of Serendipity I have found the originals in Shri Unicode in Greek and a Translation. I wasn't particularly looking for either I was just investigating the Orphics as McEvilley identifies them as being a praxis 'school' that had a monistic view. As a child I loved the myth of Orpheus and his descent into the Underworld through love and his inability to honour the convenant through unbearable separation that was to be all too soon undone. I loved Cocteau's cinematic modernist depiction and the sampling of the radio transmission that was fascinating to Cocteau's Orpheus (a reversal of Orpheus' traditional ability to fascinate with his musical play) which was in turn sampled by Tilt in the 'Seduction of Orpheus' an electronica tune I loved to dance to onceuponatime. I don't know Greek but this might be a good way to learn the script. There are many other of the Hymns in translation with the Greek as well. I just chose a one word title and then its subtitle in the translation tool and noticed title "dreams" and subtitle "incense" so they are analogues. How wonderful! The rationale is that dreams as metaphor and dreamwork as praxis play an important part in nondual realization. Yet to be able to nail this is another matter, but it is worth remembering the Dreaming Temples and Dream Yoga.

"Thus, Cocteau may be linked to a chain of poets inspired by the ancient mythical bard, beginning with Nerval, Mallarme, Valery, Rilke, and Jouve. And there are additional links to music, especially to Satie, Stravinsky, and Milhaud; and of course to the whole spectrum of painters active in Paris between 1910 and 1950: Picasso and the other cubists, Delaunay--practically everyone but the surrealists...(p.27)[1]