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Who am I[edit]

My name is Sam Zakrzewski, I reside in New York state.

What I know[edit]

I went to MIT to get a degree in Aerospace engineering. I received my Bachelors from Cal-tech, and my Masters and Ph.D from MIT. If you have any questions in this field just ask me. While at Cal-tech I had an internship with Boeing and helped in the design 777-200. Later after getting my Ph.D I went back to Seattle and helped design the 787. I moved back to New York state, as I now fly over there from time to time, but I mostly design aircraft for them. As I am currently working on the Boeing Y3 project.

R/c aircraft[edit]

While I love airplanes, my favorite are R/c ones. They are cheap, easy to build, and hands on. Some R/c craft I have made are, 747-200, 767-400ER, and many others. Currently I am working on a space shuttle. I am in the making of it right now, it is about 14>20 of the size. As the regular rocket, it has separating ET and SRB's. I have decided to put about 15 Gopro cameras on it and do the real deal. The aircraft will lift off (using rocket engines) SRB's will separate. SRB's will have wings come of them so they can be landed safely. ET will separate and land as the SRB's did. I want the aircraft to go to 60,000 feet or more. There will be 5 pilots on the ground, in a room looking through the go pros. 1 for each SRB, 1 for the ET, and two for the space shuttle. All of them have retractable gears except for the SRB's they will land in a pool. The shuttle will do some high altitude tests and return to earth.


I am a total nerd when it comes to mathematics. I love it!.


I simply love algebra and it is on of my favorite things. Ask me any questions if you have any.


Geometry is my lost love, without it I would be able to do it. Ask me any questions if you have any.


Physics I can't even start how much I love it. Ask me any questions if you have any.


This guy helped me out so much when designing the 787. Ask me any questions if you have any.

Wiki rules[edit]

Wiki has many rules, just try not to get into trouble. Ask me any questions if you have any.


copyvio is very serious, without it we would be getting sued.

If I tag your page for speedy deletion[edit]

If I tagged your page for deletion, don't get upset. Just go to my talk page, I discuss it with me, in most cases I will remove the tag.


This is my second love. I have made many films, including some for Sundance. I have made one 45-min film and about 28 short films. Ask me any questions if you have any.