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  • Bulk Transport - Large particles (or large groups of smaller particles) moving in/out of the cell.


General term for several types of active transportations into the cell by enclosing them in a vesicle made out of plasma membrane.


LIT: Cell eating.

A form of endocytosis... large particles are transported into cell.

EX: "macrophage to engulf a pathogen"/"amoebas"/"white blood cells".

"Single-celled eukaryotes called amoebas also use phagocytosis to hunt and consume their prey" --

  1. Cell engulfs target particle
  2. Pocket with particle pinches off the membrane, forming a food vacuole.
  3. Food vacuole fuses with lysosome.
  4. Lysosome uses enzymes to break down target particle.
  5. Lysosome uses target particle's basic components, like amino acids and sugars, for the cell.


LIT: Cell drinking.

Form of endocytosis, cell takes in extracellular fluids.


external transport mechanism - opposite of "endocytosis".

Materials are transported from the inside of the cell to the outside of the cell.

Using vesicles and the plasma membrane.