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John D Rockefeller (July 8, 1839; born in Western New York) - (May 23, 1937; died in Ormond Beach, Florida; age 97) was a businessman, known for building his first refinery in 1870, at the age of 31, then Incorporated the Standard Oil Company. Rockefeller spent a near monopoly of the Oil business in the U.S., taking control. But his business practices led to Antitrust laws, like the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

Defining Captain of Industry and Robber Baron[edit]

Is he a Captain of Industry or Robber Baron? First... let's define the two terms first. A Captain of Industry is a person who acquired great wealth, but spent their money on the improvement of Amerirca, while a Robber Baron is totally different. We can make an assumption, without a source. But to make sure, we'll include a definition.

A Robber Baron was a term used for businessmen who gained wealth by monopolizing the industries, such as the steel industry, tobacco industry, and oil industry and the financiers who used unfair tactics to acquire wealth. That brings out our definition of a monopoly (see U. S. Government/Industrialization for the definition of monopoly).

Which one is he?[edit]

Technically (and realistically), John D Rockefeller is both. He controlled the oil business with a monopoly, and his tactics with his business, which led to laws against monopolies. He also didn't treat his workers fairly (you'll know this either by thoroughly researching or having a lesson on Industrialization), he didn't pay them good money, and when dangerous situations came into need, the workers (which again, had low pay) had to go and put their lives in danger.

And as well, you could say he was a Captain of Industry. He payed money to various philanthropic causes, like schools, charity, church, even to create new opportunities! After all, he was also a very popular businessman who made a huge mark on U.S. History (business).