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My name is Arjen Dijksman.

I obtained an engineer degree in Applied Physics at Technical University Delft in 1991 (= MSc degree).

My wikiversity interest is in collaborative original research on the Foundations of Quantum Physics.

I very much appreciate clear, precise learning ressources.

I presently follow a Quantum Optics course at Institut d'Optique. My notes are at /QO. I plan to complete the Lasers and Quantum Optics resource.

This Wikiversity editor in their contributing to scholarly works, agrees to strong scholarly ethics. In particular this Wikiversity editor:
  • Is committed to presenting a balanced, objective, accurate, and informative account of all relevant scholarly evidence, facts, analysis, and ideas within all scholarly topics of study in the interest of full disclosure and honesty.
  • Does not condone illegal, deceptive, or otherwise unethical practices in their own contributions or in others'.
  • May for research purposes contribute outside of the restrictions of NPOV.
  • Will respond to all questions about the ethical caliber of their contributions on their talk page.

I also occasionally contribute on other Wikimedia projects: please view my wikipedia user page.

You could find some more information about me on: