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About Me[edit]


My name is Archana, I am doing my Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Canberra. I am a second year student, currently enrolled in the Motivation and Emotion unit.

Book Chapter[edit]

My topic of choice for the book chapter is 'Drive-Reduction theory of Motivation. This is the link for the book chapter I am currently working on

I would highly appreciate if you could all provide me with constructive criticisms, suggestions, ideas and/or alterations that you think may help me better my book chapter.

Social Contributions[edit]

This is the link to Social Contribution I made. There was a lack in studies/application in relation to the topic so I made a suggestion to include one or two studies that have been conducted and also provided a link to an article on a study conducted in the United States which I felt the person may benefit from reading. Another social contribution made about the word limit for the book chapter submission, as well as how I kept track off my word count using the word count on Microsoft word. Social contributions (feedback) made on the following book chapter Counterfactual Thinking on 1st November 2017.