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Open Educational Resources[edit]

I am a language teacher in a secondary vocational school in Gostivar, Macedonia.I also work as a trainer of teacher trainers and in service teacher trainer. I am very much interested in social networking in order to collaborate and share with others who have similar interests.You may have a look at my CV here:[1] I first started using Internet for sharing knowledge (blogging) with two classes of K-9 students in April, 2005. [2] At that time my goals for teaching were the ordinary EFL classroom goals, when I only wanted to provide my students a new electronic learning environment that would be more motivating and engaging....Currently, I am working on secondary schools' "Collaborative Learning Project Using the Internet to Learn", between Macedonia and the Netherlands [3], which started on January 31st, 2008.

LeMill and Wikiversity[edit]

I have registered at and created my own profile [4] during the first week. However, for the time being I am more interested in wikiversity. There is a project on wikiversity called "Networked learning" ...Assisting you in developing online communication and internet learning skills. The project is based on the principles of networked learning where individuals establish an online identity and formulate relationships with other people and information to communicate and develop knowledge. Part of the Teaching and Learning Online project... I didn't have time to explore more.


Making origami in the EFL classroom.

Wikiveristy says, images should be licenced, otherwise they will be deleted.

"You agree to license your contributions under the GFDL [5]. Any copyrighted works not licensed under the GFDL will be deleted."

Wikiversity Readers/ RSS Feeds- Are there any?[edit]

Bloglines and google reader are both helpful tools in bringing the information from Internet on your desktop. I have made two images on how to make a watchlist. I still want to know about the RSS.

Free Node Java Applet[edit] OER participants have meetings there.

Meetings at Free Node[edit] is this a book club discussion?

Assignments week 3, 4 and 5[edit]


Wikimedia and Wikiversity[edit]

Birds on Ohrid Lake.
  1. Categories in Wikimedia
  2. Converting [7] video and audio files- to ogg
  3. Codecs



I copied and pasted the information before uploading the post on my blog[8]. Obviously, blogs and wikiversity don't work the same way. I changed all the <href"......"> symbols into brackets [including http://.....].

There are several possibilities to make videos [9]:

  1. This video[10] was made with a web cam. It's published on blip tv[11]because it supports Creative Commons licenses.
  2. It's not possible to include, without converting them for wikiversity/ wikimedia. However, as Hans's video [12]uploaded on Lemill shows, these videos may be used for creating free educational resources.
  3. The you tube video with the American President[13] is a model how to put smaller clips together.
  4. Power Point Presentations can be uploaded at This site supports Creative Commons licenses. PP Presentations can either be added as links [14] to websites, blogs and wikis or embeded. The google docs presentations are for collaborative work [15] on presentations.
  5. However, WINK[16] seems more proffesional, or something that I can't make yet. I installed the wink software. I read the tutorial and made the first small steps. Here is what it should do.[17].
  6. , is a web tool which supports Creative Commons licences and subtitles in all languages. When uploading avideo, the video uploader and producer decides who will have rights to caption and/ or translate it.[18]li>
  7. I translated this video [19]in Macedonian language.

I will probably upload a video, on this web site, although the Conversation Week, 2008 is over now. Upps...I have to check the CC licence for translation...

Wikimedia videos[edit]

These are audio or video files selected for display on the Main Page [20]as the Media of the day [21]. Publishing them on this page allows users to translate the captions into other languages.Media of the Day provides one freely-licensed audio or video file each day.

The current Media of the day can be included on a page using the templateTemplate:Motdwidth=300float=rightlang=enThe audio or video file can be accessed using[[Media:Template:Motd/10-16]]The caption can be accessed usingTemplate:Motd-en/10-16

Wikimedia Commons uses Ogg Vorbis files for sound files and Ogg Theora for video files. You can learn which software and which codecs you need to play media files.

Requirements: First you need playback software. By default you can use the Windows Media Player, but you need extra codecs (see below). Alternatively you can use the free VLC media player or MPlayer. They can play Ogg as installed.

Downloading required Codecs Now you have to download a necessary extension (Codec), so that your media player will be able to play sound and video files with the Ogg Vorbis file type (sound files) and with the Ogg Theora file type (video files).

Load the website and click the link on the right hand side Download Now. The file size is 800 kB. After you downloaded it to your hard disk, open the file and follow the installation guide.

Making links[edit]


Internal links are links only to pages in Wikiversity. To make an internal link to another page in Wikiversity use the wiki markup [[]], and paste the title of the wikiversity page inside it.

Both examples of internal links are existing Wikiversity pages.

External links are links to web pages and sites outside of Wikiversity . To make an external link to another web site use the wiki markup [], and paste the URL inside it.

Recommendation: Quote citations from relevant resources while writing article. Include additional section called external links, or see also, at the end of the page.

Tip: If you want the external link to look like an internal link insert the double brackets wiki markup [[]], and |. Include "w:Main Page|Wikipedia website". The text on the right side of the pipe will show as hypertext.

Discussion: How to make an external link that looks like an internal link?