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Week0 Activities[edit]

Give instructor top 3 project choice list[edit]




Write problem statement[edit]

How to create a tutorial to use the Logview program.

Assign Task1[edit]

Make a tutorial for charging batteries with Logview and the dual power unit.

Week1 Activities[edit]

Compare actual work done to Task1[edit]

Tutorial for using the dual power unit and Logview was made.

Week1 Narrative[edit]

Took several photos of the steps to operate the dual power unit to start charging the Lithium-Polymer battery. Uploaded the photos to wikimedia commons then created a tutorial page. Listed several checklists and made the steps to charge the battery. Included links to the photo where it was appropriate. The photos used can be seen below. The link to the tutorial can be clicked here.

Week1 Peer Review[edit]

Assign Task2[edit]

Week2 Activities[edit]

Compare actual work done to Task2[edit]

Tested out the charger meter.

Week2 Narrative[edit]

I was testing how much the electricity is being charged into the battery by using a dual power unit, the Logview software, a usb cable to connect the dual power unit to the computer, and a VCP driver. The Logview software can be downloaded here and the VCP driver can be downloaded here. After the two are installed, I had the computer restarted to get the VCP driver working. After the computer has restarted and the Logview program is opened, Logview popped up a settings configuration, asking for which port to use and what device is being used. The device issued by the school is the Bantam e-Station BC6 and I checked for which port under the hardware and sound folder in the control panel. After the settings configuration, I proceeded to set the power unit to Lithium ion and powered to what was stated on the battery. Once everything was set, I held the start button and waited for a beep, then press start again to begin the charging. The charging of the batteries though was not documented through Logview for an unknown reason.

Week2 Peer Review[edit]

Made comments on each team member's pages. Only one was uncompleted and everyone else had good links and pictures that would aid in pushing their objectives.

Assign Task3[edit]

Troubleshoot the Logview software as it cannot record the charging of the battery.

Week3 Activities[edit]

Compare actual work done to Task3[edit]

Troubleshooted the problem of recording

Week3 Narrative[edit]

There is a button in Logview that begins the recording and documentation in Logview. When I pressed the record button during the charging of the batteries, the dual power unit reacts by stopping the charging and declaring the batteries fully charged. I troubleshooted the problem by pressing record before the charging. In that fashion, the dual power unit did not immediately react to the recording. Another problem arises as the dual power unit stops charging at 8 mAh. This occurred in both trials when I pressed the record button before the charging.

Week3 Peer Review[edit]

Only one team member did not complete their weekly report. Everyone else had reports that were in-depth and displayed various pictures of their projects.

Assign Task4[edit]

Troubleshoot problem with charging the batteries

Week4 Activities[edit]

Compare actual work done to Task4[edit]

Troubleshooted problem and made tutorial of downloading Logview

Week4 Narrative[edit]

Due to the constant stops the dual power unit made at 7 mAh, I asked a prior user of the dual power unit about the problem. He was able to fix the problem stating that the dual power unit has reached the limit in voltage allowed and needed to be discharged to reach a safe level of 11.2V. He also troubleshooted the discharge problem by reducing the voltage to 9.0V. In that fashion, the dual power unit was discharging power at a longer time than ever before. The reduction of the voltage did take a large amount of time that it was not able to reduce down to 11.2 by the end of class. Other than troubleshooting the problem, I had created a tutorial on downloading Logview and the VCP driver. The tutorial can be accessed through this link.

Week4 Peer Review[edit]

One team member didn't start their week4 report. Will allow time for that to complete before making a review. Made positive comments to those who completed their weekly reports.

Complete Project Page[edit]

Follow the "project done" format.

Start Next Project Week0 activities[edit]

During this week you will perform the week0 activities of the next project.