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Women In Sport Presentation

Women have been considered a ‘minority’ group for many centuries. However, the Oxford English Dictionary defines minority as: the smaller number or part, especially a number or part representing less than half of the whole. This contradictory status of women will be explored in this presentation, in relation to women’s involvement in sport. It is a fact, that women’s sport does not receive the same attention as men’s sport. This presentation will explore why this is the case in Australia, with a discussion of various initiatives taking place in regards to women’s sport, focusing particularly on the recent Sport for Women Day, which took place earlier this year in Canberra and Sydney. As well as this, the presentation will examine women’s earnings in sport and figures regarding the interest from the media and sponsors. This presentation will also look at what is being done at not only an international level, but also a grassroots level. This presentation will explore a number of aspects of women’s sport and demonstrate how it has transformed over the past few decades, and how it is continuing to evolve into the future in order to be recognised.