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The way I'm approaching this is two fold.

  1. Sharing what I'm discovering personally with others - open, networked, mobile;
  2. Constructively challenging others to do the same - catalyst for change.
Freedom Within Constraint[edit]

Simple and fundamental truths that guide my PhD journey:

  • Critical inquiry and responsible action taking - seek & follow sound advice;
  • Exercising regularly my democratic freedom & right to personal expression - live by the consequences;
  • Observing and respect the privacy and personal security of others - point, reflect, poetically encode inference;
  • Leading by example - active investment in the field of research contribution
  1. Health - in mind and spirit first and above all else;
  2. Family - competing for first place;
  3. Employment - eat and be merry;
  4. Life Experiences - map, measure and make available openly online;
  5. Portfolio - develop a sound data management, time management and attribution;
  6. Profile - reflect across all channels for ease of others seeking authenticity via cross referencing;
  7. Literature Review - collect, collate and build a reasoned case;
  8. Interviews - humans, people and sentient beings;
  9. Case Studies - actual (vs perceived);
  10. Read & write & present - always.
  11. Profess - and be open to change. A PhD is nothing more than the end of the beginning.

The journey began begins there -


To observe the peer-to-peer review process (in an open and universally accessible context ) I am sharing the final stages of the PhD thesis process via this Google Document. * Note - this document is the personal STORY of my PhD research journey.