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Hey guys, it's Abbs

About Me:[edit]

I am a third year psychology student studying Motivation and emotion at the University of Canberra.

I have a particular interest in Forensic Psychology, and hope to one day pursue a career in this field.

Book Chapter:[edit]

Ever wondered why people go voluntarily missing? What is the motivation behind this decision? Find out now by clicking here: Voluntary missing person motivation

My Social Contributions:[edit]

I have made the following social contributions to these book chapter pages/Wikipedia pages:

  1. 07:36, 29 August 2018: Suggested adding a visual to go alongside information about theory and provided an appropriate link
  2. 08:03, 29 August 2018: Feedback on chapter outline and suggested adding more sub-headings and gave examples on what these could be
  3. 12:28, 12 October 2018: Feedback on chapter layout, and suggested to add more external links
  4. 13:06, 17 October 2018: Feedback on chapter layout and corrected APA formatting
  5. 12:00, 18 October 2018: Suggested adding an additional sub-heading, as well as what other theories, definitions and analysis could be added
  6. 18:08, 18 October 2018: Suggested adding some theory in regards to biological processes, and provided an appropriate article
  7. 9:03, 19 October 2018: Added Australian statistics to the Missing Person Wikipedia page to contribute to world knowledge
  8. 9:29, 19 October 2018: Suggested adding an additional theory, and provided an appropriate journal article
  9. 17:05, 19 October 2018: Suggestion for chapter layout, gave assistance in regards to how to edit images
  10. 11:48, 20 October 2018: Advice on how to link pages to See Also and External Links section
  11. 13:29, 21 October 2018: Added internal links to See Also and External Links sections