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EGM6321 - Principles of Engineering Analysis 1, Fall 2009

Mtg 1: Tue, 25 Aug 09

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German Transrapid Emsland 500 km/h , youtube, Uploaded by TransrapidSupporter on Feb 14, 2007
Vu-Quoc & Olson (1989) CMAME
The magnet (i.e vehicle) and structure (i.e. guideway) interaction is shown below.

EGM6321 F10 TEAM1 WILKS xc mtg1.svg

nominal motion
axial displacement of guideway
transversal displacement of guideway

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Total time derivative of f is given as:




Coriolis forces - Dynamics

Material time derivative - Continuum Mechanics

Reynolds transport theorem - Continuum Mechanics


is an example of a nonlinear ordinary differential equation (ODE)

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