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This is a list (incomplete) of alleged sightings of unidentified flying objects or UFOs in outer space.

Gemini 7 bogey[edit]

Franklin Roach, based on his interpretation of the transcripts of the crew's discussion, said that there were visual sightings made by the astronauts while in orbit which were not adequately explained.[1][2] James Oberg, based on his trajectory analysis of the Gemini 7 mission, describes the astronauts' comments about a "bogey" as referring to booster-associated debris, and not a reference to some sort of UFO.[1] [lower-alpha 1]


A video taken during mission STS-48 of Space Shuttle Discovery while in orbit on September 15, 1991 shows a flash of light and several objects that appear to be flying in an artificial or controlled fashion. NASA said this was from ice particles reacting to engine jets, while James Oberg claimed that the flash was from a thruster firing. Philip C. Plait discussed the issue in his book Bad Astronomy, agreeing with NASA.[4]


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  1. Transcript: Template:Dialogue


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