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Welcome to the Department of Southeast Asian History, part of the School of History.

The Department of Southeast Asian History is established to educate the general public about the History of the Southeast Asian countries. We welcome anyone who is interested in this discipline to join us, either as a student or as a facilitator. Our Department will review the curriculums of similar Departments in other influential universities to offer a more balanced perspective of historical events and issues.

In the Department of Southeast Asian History, we subscribe to two important education principles:

  1. Depth and breadth
  2. Responsibility

Firstly, sound education policies involve a balanced combination of depth and breadth. Secondly, students, as mature learners, will be given flexibility and choice to select their modules. However, certain requirements for graduation have to be met and students must practise self-responsibility to graduate.


Modules currently being offered by the Department of Southeast Asian History:

General Modules[edit]

History of Indonesia[edit]

History of Malaysia[edit]

History of the Philippines[edit]

History of Singapore[edit]

Examination Boards Modules[edit]

Special Interest Modules[edit]

Planned Modules[edit]

Requested Modules[edit]

These are topics that have been requested and are considered high priority for the Department. Please start or expand these projects if you are familiar with the subject matter!

Department news[edit]

  • 15 December 2006 - Department founded!

Degree Structure[edit]

To gain a Southeast Degree, there are two sets of requirements and 1 set of procedures. Please also see the Wikiversity FAQ regarding degrees.

Basic Requirements[edit]

To fulfill the basic requirements, students must have taken 15 modules, with at least 3 modules being General Modules and another 8 modules being Major modules. A Major refers to the field of Southeast Asian History that a student wants to specialise in (e.g.History of Malaysia). Students must take at least 2 Majors. Students can take any number of Minors (i.e. a field that is not taken as Major).

Performance Requirements[edit]

Students must choose 15-20 modules in fulfillment of the Degree's requirements. Students who score an average of 80% and above can graduate with 1st Class Honours. Students who score an average of 70% and above can graduate with 2nd Class Honours. Students who score an average of 60% and above can graduate with 3st Class Honours. Students who score an average of 50% and above can graduate with Pass.


To qualify for the Degree, you must make a public request under the Department News section, stating your user name and the modules that you wish to be taken for computation. The results of your application will be announced by the Department Facilitator at the same place and your username will then be reflected in the Graduates' Hall of Fame. Before the Department Facilitator makes a decision, he or she will first consult the Module Facilitators (for the modules you have chosen to be taken into account in the computation process) regarding your performance in those modules. Please take note that only modules commenced within one year from the date of public request for a Degree will be taken into account in the computation process.

List of students and contributors[edit]

Please list your name here if you are into this community!

Graduates' Hall of Fame[edit]

  1. (Start working for a place here!)

School announcements[edit]

November 12, 2014
User:Atcovi has taken control of the School of History
June 20, 2011
United States History will begin
June 20, 2011
Human Legacy Course will begin
Aug 24, 2010
Reorganization underway.
Jun 16, 2010
History of the Ottoman Empire Course has started.
May 15, 2010
Military History Department founded.
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