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JavaScript is one of the most powerful programming languages in common use. However, even those proficient in JavaScript often do not realize its power. For example, did you know that JavaScript...

(Don't worry if you do not understand this.)


JavaScript is part of the requirement for web-technology learning. It is specifically useful for web design. JavaScript is a dialect of ECMAscript which is based on root computing languages such as C. Studying the related languages will give you the student advanced standing in JavaScript. However, some conventions are/were unique to JavaScript.


  • Basic JavaScript is usually introduced alongside HTML and CSS (or Flash, SVG, etc.). It is only comprised of six to ten hours in introductions and use. [1]
  • Intermediate JavaScript is usually introduced alongside languages like PHP, XML, Ruby, Python, and C++. It can comprise ten to twenty hours of development and use.[2]
  • Advanced JavaScript is about use in any possible applied context. Learning in this area is progressive. The competent use of some advanced concepts requires 100 to 200 hours.
  • From a computer science perspective, JavaScript is a language standard which a graduate programmer should be able to employ/deploy as an application. Building a minimal JavaScript engine should require no more than two weeks work in a language such as C++. However, developing a good application may require a bigger collaboration. (Consult the standards for this task).
  • JavaScript can be wrapped in other languages for the deployment of applications to several technologies.
  • JavaScript can be used to design games, databases, or servers.
  • ActionScript utilizes ECMAScript for timeline technology as used in animation.
  • JavaScript is not just a trivial project/design language. It can be used for enterprise and industry wide projects and collaborations. A JavaScript expert could be required to undertake all/any level(s) of enterprise related training to handle the use of JavaScript for their professional employment.


You should at least know HTML before learning JavaScript. Some knowledge of CSS may be useful. Don't worry if you have no knowledge of web page scripting; Basic JavaScript is a great place to start.



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