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This page contains editing policies and guidelines for the Department of Biblical Overview.

Technical policies[edit | edit source]

  1. All inter-wiki links must conform to a specific format, as seen below. This format allows content to be seamlessly moved from one Wikimedia project to another (for instance Wikibooks), in case such a move is ever desired
    Format: [[MetaWikipedia:(wiki name):(article name)|(link text)]]
    Example: [[w:awesome|awesome stuff]] yields awesome stuff
  2. A number of page templates have been created to standardize the look and feel of the center. Please use them if you plan to create any new pages.
  3. While all translations of the Bible may be used, particularly in resolving differences of interpretation or translation, there is a preference for BibleGateway's New King James version of the Bible here. Unless you have a reason not to, try to use BibleGateway's version of that translation for the sake of consistency throughout the department. To obtain a link to the passage, go to and search for the passage under "New King James Version". Then use the URL from your browser's address bar as the link URL.

Content policies[edit | edit source]

  1. All interpretation of scripture should be approached from a literal-normal perspective; any content that opposes this practice is outside the scope of the center, and a candidate for revision. Now because literal-normal interpretation can at times be a subjective effort, there is some wiggle room here. If a question concerning the litero-normalcy of a page/section remains unresolved, present to the reader all alternate (literal-normal) interpretations, and backing for each of them.
  2. A course may (or may not) have a single editor responsible for the majority of its content. If it does, you may consider running any major edits/contributions by him/her, as a matter of etiquette.
  3. If you consider yourself a major contributor to a study, place your username under the "Major Contributors" section of the study page. A "major contribution" might be a lesson's worth of material, or a long-standing commitment to maintaining a study, etc. Use your best judgement.