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The theory of original research is a lecture about original research, specifically addressing the theory behind it.

You are free to take this quiz based on the theory of original research at any time.

To improve your score, read and study the lecture, the links contained within, listed under See also, and in the {{original research resources}} template. This should give you adequate background to get 100 %.

As a "learning by doing" resource, this quiz helps you to assess your knowledge and understanding of the information, and it is a quiz you may take over and over as a learning resource to improve your knowledge, understanding, test-taking skills, and your score.

A suggestion is to have the lecture available in a separate window.

To master the information and use only your memory while taking the quiz, try rewriting the information from more familiar points of view, or be creative with association.

Enjoy learning by doing!


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A theory provides an explanatory framework for what?


True or False, A dominant group regarding original research differs from a control group in that it rules the treatment of the control group.



Complete the text:

From the

of the explanation follows a number of possible

that can be tested in order to provide support for, or challenge, the theory.


True or False, A control group may be used in the theory of original research to demonstrate no effect or a standard effect versus a novel effort applied to a treatment group.



Evidence that demonstrates that a model or idea for original research versus a control group is feasible is called a



True or False, Pure theory involves no doing apart from itself.



Complete the text:

A short or

realization of a certain

or idea to

a treament's feasibility is called a proof of



True or False, Pure theory of original research involves no doing apart from itself.



Complete the text:

A proof-of-concept structure, including a control group, consists of

, procedures, findings, and



True or False, The purpose of a treatment group is to describe natural processes or phenomena for the first time relative to a control group.



Complete the text:

Reliable knowledge is knowledge that has a high probablility of being

because its veracity has been justified by a



True or False, The purpose of a theory is to explain natural processes or phenomena.



Main source: Hypotheses
  1. Almost every empirical endeavor is original research until or unless an earlier written source is found to verify that it is not original.

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  1. "Hubble Revisits an Old Friend, In: Picture of the Week". ESA/Hubble. Retrieved 17 October 2011. 

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