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The Sunshine Environment Link

The Sunshine Environment Link web site (TSEL) is a multi-topic search directory focusing on the environment. The Goal of TSEL is to provide open and accurate information about environmental issues. The Sunshine Environment Link is an all volunteer effort and has won several environmental awards and recognitions including Wild on Web awards, Eddies, and All Environmental Education for Kids Award. TSEL is coined from the term "the sunshine environment" representing transparent and open information exchange or links and is listed as an acronym.

The site has been on line for ten years and has covered numerous topics from global warming to environmental education and ethics without bias. Articles and information on the web site frequently carry both sides of environmental policies or the actual policies themselves, allowing for readers to decide if it can work. Volunteers are welcome to edit content and write pages for TSEL. TSEL has not only been a web venture but has also volunteered as an organization on numerous campaigns throughout the years.

TSEL has most recently volunteered on the 350 campaign led by Bill Mill liken, FOE 350 club for Clean Energy Bill supported by many democrats and republicans. The Sunshine Environment Link is currently found on the web at The Sunshine Environment Link and has resided there since 2007, in 2007 TSEL went from .org (2002) to the to highlight all the facets we cover on the web and represent the link we feel to planet earth in both the education and the work presented about the planet earth.