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The Science Behind Parkinson's Portal

The Science Behind Parkinson's

For an overview of the whole project see the Site Map

This is a A Wikiversity learning project for people who are interested in the science underlying Parkinson's disease.

Do you have Parkinson's? Care for someone who has Parkinson's? Just curious to know more?

Through this learning project you can, with others:

  • explore the prospects offered by Parkinson's research
  • delve into the basic and applied Science behind Parkinson's focused on finding better treatments and a cure.
  • the core section for following research into Parkinson's and thinking about:
    • what questions remain unanswered,
    • what issues need to be resolved and
    • what implications arise from research results.
Go straight to Progress and Prospects in Parkinson's Research
Go straight to the Magazine Section
Go straight to An Introduction to the Science Behind Parkinson's

Did you attend the World Parkinson Congress in Montreal, 1st-4th October 2013?


Whether you did or not, a good number of the presentations were video recorded and you can view them at:


The next WPC will be in Portland, Oregon, USA, 20 to 23 September 2016.

This is a globally open and participatory learning project.

Medical professionals, researchers, staff from Parkinson's support organisations and others should find much in this project to interest them.

(See Project Development discussion page)

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