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[[{{{project}}}]] Pre-Project Initiation stage Delivery stages (usually multiple) Final stage
Directing Starting Up a Project (SU)
  • Project Brief:
    • Project definition
    • Outline Business Case
    • Project Product Description
    • Project approach
    • Project management team structure
    • Role descriptions
    • References
  • [[{{{project}}} Daily Log|Daily Log]]
  • [[{{{project}}} Lessons Log|Lessons Log]]
  • Initiation Stage Plan
Directing a Project (DP)

Authorise initiation • Authorise the Project • Authorise a Stage or Exception Plan • Give ad-hoc direction • Authorise project closure

Managing Initiating a Project (IP)

[[{{{project}}} Project Initiation Documentation|Project Initiation Documentation]]

  • Project definition
  • Project approach
  • Business Case
  • Project management team structure
  • Role descriptions
  • Quality Management Strategy
  • Configuration Management Strategy
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • Communication Management Strategy
  • Project Plan
  • Project controls
  • Tailoring of PRINCE2

[[{{{project}}} Risk Register|Risk Register]]

[[{{{project}}} Issue Register|Issue Register]]

[[{{{project}}} Quality Register|Quality Register]]

[[{{{project}}} Benefits Review Plan|Benefits Review Plan]]

[[{{{project}}} Configuration Library|Configuration Library]]

Managing a Stage Boundary (SB)
  • Next Stage Plan
  • Exception Plan
  • End Stage Report
  • Lessons Report
Closing a Project (CP)
  • End Project Report
Controlling a Stage (CS)
  • Work Package
  • Highlight Report
  • Issue Report
  • Excepotion Report
  • Configuration Item Record(s)
Delivering Managing Product Delivery (MP)
  • Team Plan
  • Checkpoint Report
  • Specialist Products

Left to right represents time. Top to bottom represents decreasing decision-making power.