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This is the Wikiversity page created at the JCCAP 2017 Future Directions Forum. Use the Discussion page to post reactions, questions, comments -- it is more informal (closer to a chat) than the main page with the notes and resources.

Dr. Eric Youngstrom: Evidence-Based Assessment Keynote[edit source]

This was a great audience and discussions that followed! I was sorry to not be able to be three places at once for the break-out sessions. That sense of disappointment was the impetus for asking to create these Wikiversity pages so that we had a way of organizing and documenting the discussions -- that way everyone would get to see everything if they wanted. It's a sort of "virtual reporting out" after the smaller group discussions. As we play with this, I am sure that we'll find other advantages to the Wikiversity approach:

  • We can continue the discussions after the formal event has ended
  • We can drop in links to other pages (check out the datasets that Dr. Cha suggested, along with the advice she provided about using them!)
  • We can share it with our labs, other colleagues and friends

I am grateful to Andy De Los Reyes for organizing such an innovative and productive meeting, and to all the contributors who made it so fun and a great learning experience on so many levels. A special shout out to Rachael Kang and Mian-Li Ong for all the work to build these pages out on the fly during the meeting, and to Dan Dickstein, Andrew Freeman and other colleagues who made their first Wiki edits yesterday, too. It was a great proof of concept, and neat to see how quickly the pages sprang to life and started growing (" a tree!" :-))

Looking forward to next steps! Eyoungstrom (discusscontribs) 13:06, 3 June 2017 (UTC)[reply]

Dr. Andrew Freeman: Classification/diagnosis[edit source]

Andrew Freeman led this discussion group. It focused on...

Dr. Susan White: Treatment[edit source]

Susan White led this discussion group. It focused on EBA and treatment.

Themes included

Experimental Therapeutics

Trajectory Matching --

Machine Learning

Ecological Momentary Assessment --

Dr. Matthew Lerner: Neuroscience[edit source]

Matthew Lerner led this discussion group