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Relevant?[edit source]

The inclusion of this module has been questioned. Originally, this resource was contributed by the University of Pretoria which uses it as part of their curriculum. It is of use to people operating in the area and possibly to anyone working with any "developing" community. So, in that context it is relevant.

More broadly, social entrepreneurship is about social innovation, and there is a growing trend to write about community or customer driven innovation[1]. For social entrepreneurship, this points to the need for an introduction to topics such as community engagement, understanding communities, engaging with communities, cultural studies, etc.

So, for now, we include this module which (being libre knowledge) may be adapted and re-contextualised. Ktucker 12:59, 2 September 2008 (UTC)

Readings[edit source]

  1. e.g. Von Hippel E. 2005. Democratizing Innovation.

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