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Development Roadmap

Film-making is a tough cookie to get a handle on, as there are several disciplines that need to be understood; so it would be very beneficial for contributors who specialize in the various disciplines to help out.

Wikiversity wants to stress activity led learning ('learning by doing'). Theoretical discussion/lecture should be adapted into practical activities. Though some activities on Wikiversity have links to a 'professor' for assessment, this should be avoided, and a basis for self assessment of activities should try to be provided.

Also, Wikiversity wants to stress cooperative learning materials. This means materials that can be used or referenced by multiple studies. For example, part of film-making deals with image framing. Similar material can probably be found or developed in photography training at Wikiversity.

Any training developed for film-making should hopefully be developed so that other disciplines can take advantage of it as well (this also increases the likelihood that contributors of other disciplines can 'add to' and help foster a comprehensive study).


  • Narrative
    • Types of narratives, purpose of narratives, target audience, target message
    • Basics of creative writing, plot development,, character development
      • Activity: create a short story, 500 - 1000 words
    • Basics of adapted works and how to do this?
  • Example analysis of a film/scene/short to illustrate how to dissect and learn from other media
    • Highlight plot and character development
    • Highlight some film and editing techniques
  • Treatment and proposal plan
  • Pre-production
    • Equipment and Workflow Considerations
      • Format standards
    • Script writing
      • Format
    • Storyboard development
    • Shot design
    • Location scouting
    • Production design
    • Auditions, actors/actresses
  • Principal photography
    • Production Basics
    • Camera Operation
    • Framing and Composition
    • Lighting
    • Directing
  • Post-production
    • NLE editing
    • Effects editing
    • Audio editing
  • Distribution

Other things to consider:

  • Positions and purposes, ex Producer, Director, Gaffer, etc...