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Clinical description[edit]

History of Presenting Problem[edit]


Initial Treatment Plan[edit]

Assessment findings[edit]

Checklist scores[edit]

Select more specialized scales to refine probabilities[edit]

Updating probabilities[edit]
Critical items[edit]

Diagnostic interview findings[edit]

Cognitive and achievement testing[edit]

Prediction phase[edit]

Shortlist of Probable Hypotheses[edit]

Risk and Protective Factors and Moderators[edit]

Updating probability of diagnoses[edit]

When developing numbers for the table using the table google sheet created by Yen-Ling. Before uploading the table from the google sheet make sure that someone has checked your calculations. If they got the same rate or numbers as you then delete the "EAY" check column.

Cross-informant perspectives[edit]

Prescription phase[edit]

Mental status and clinical observations[edit]

Genogram and Family Functioning[edit]

Treatment Selection[edit]

Moderating Factors[edit]

Client Preferences[edit]

Process Phase[edit]

Clinically Significant Change[edit]

Reliable Change Index[edit]

Nomothetic Benchmarks[edit]

Minimum Important Difference (MID)[edit]

Client Goals & Tracking[edit]

Process Measures[edit]

Progress Measures[edit]

Termination Planning and Maintenance[edit]